A community that utilizes art and the infrastructure of the block chain to support those who grew up with mentally ill parents.

The Untold community exists to...


Provide resources that bring clarity to symptoms of unhealthy mental patterns.


Foster deep community so that no one feels alone in their fight for freedom.


We know the journey toward health and freedom is long. We we're here to support and grow along side of you.

Why the block chain?

The network of decentralized apps and smart contracts is not only changing the internet, but the world, opening up new opportunities for art, connection, and trade. We believe that strong community and the ability to express yourself through creation/art can be instrumental in overcoming mental illness or the affect of mental illness from others close to you. Additionally, the anonymity within the crypto community allows an extra layer of security to discuss more vulnerable topics. Specifically, we’re closed to support the robust and growing STX community.