“What did I need?”

The question was relentless.

Just as my mind found a new topic to ponder, this question always invited itself back in.

It rattled my mind so much because I had to have the answer. I knew I couldn’t impact the next generation of those who share a piece of my story without it.

I knew my life was unique, but no one is that unique. If I could figure out what I truly needed, well, there would be thousands of people who could probably benefit from that answer.

This question took me on a journey.

I traveled the world.

I met people.

I stopped numbing my heart.

I talked to God.

I also met a friend.

Turns out she’s pretty cool. And talented.

This friend happened on a similar journey.

So, we decided to intertwine our journey’s and pursue an answer to this question together.

We had to do something.

For ourselves and for those who’s pain we knew all too well.

I’m not sure if we found it the whole answer.

But we did find a place to start.

And this piece of digital realestate that you somehow stumbled across, is our attempt to be the answer to that question.