The Untold Story Project

Welcome to a community that values stories that often go untold-- tories of abuse, trauma, broken relationships, and narcissism that exist behind the curtains of our homes. Each guest has the option to remain anonymous in order to create a space of full freedom. In this community I hope you feel seen, loved, educated, and to some extend understood.

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I didn’t know there was something wrong. All I knew is that something wasn’t right— my life, the way I grew up.

Even after I left my house, the shame and confusion loomed over me for years. Was I crazy? Perhaps I was weak? Were the stories exaggerated in my mind?

From what I could see, no one else lived like me. Not only did I feel that I was a prisoner to a narcissist, but I became a prisoner to the confusion in my mind.

You mean your chest isn’t weighed down by cinderblocks of anxiety every time you walk into your house?

You mean the constant underlying anxiety wasn’t normal?

You mean crying to God for a different father wasn’t a universal experience?

It took me a while, over 12 yers actually, to learn that pain in life was something God didn’t want for me. That the hurt I experienced was actually a problem, and even though it’s not the norm, and shouldn’t be, there were even others out there who shared a similar experience.

Finding those people changed my life. If you identify with the above, I pray that you feel loved, seen, and understand that your experience is appreciated. And if you don’t, I hope your eyes are opened to a new type of tragedy faced in our world.